Motorized Retractable Patio Screens

If you are searching for roll down screens for your patio, stick around and check out some of the ones we install. There are so many colors and materials to choose from it is easy to match your current paint, trim or corporate colors. We even offer vinyl walls that can create an air conditioned enclosure!

Motorized Patio Screens

Sun Shade Patio Screen

Transform your patio when you want to! If you have an open patio and would like to have sun shade only part of the day, our motorized screens are perfect for you! Sun shades can be privacy screens or colored screens that blend in.

Hurricane Screens

With our Defender Hurricane Screen System you can rest assured that your screen is all you need even if a Category 5 is brewing! Scroll down and watch the video to learn more!

Motorized Screen for Instant Protection

As North Brevard County residents we personally know how quickly the weather can change. If you want to protect your home or outdoor business patio from the elements in seconds, we can help!

Restaurant Outdoor Seating Enclosures

Block the mosquitos and keep your live entertainment dry from afternoon thunderstorms. Our screens and vinyl enclosures can add extra space to your restaurant! Bring in more customers that can enjoy the beautiful Florida weather.

Garage Door Screen

Block the Sun

Like to work in your garage but have morning or afternoon sun beating in? Give our sun shade option a try and protect your workspace.

Keep the Air Flowing

Keep the air flowing and avoid being trapped with harsh fumes while working in your garage or workshop.

Keep the Bugs Out

Lots of people like to work or even relax in their garage and bugs are a year round problem here. Let us help you keep them out!

MagnaTrack Screens

MagnaTrack system outperforms any other zipper-style motorized screen! MagnaTrack is the only motorized screen that can provide completely hassle-free operation – guaranteed! We have solved the problems of every single zipper style screen. The MagnaTrack system grabs and tenses the fabric back into place. It is the only self correcting system in the world!

Retractable Hurricane Screens

Our Defender Hurricane Screen System defends you against Category 5 winds up to 156 mph. Unparalleled impact absorption using magnetic fields to absorb the impact of flying debris. For the rest of the year, block insects, solar rays and provide privacy.

Automatic Enclosed Porch on Demand!

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